Best Waterproof Work Boots – Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Getting cold feet while working in a wet condition?
Well, it’s time for you to get the best waterproof work boot so that you can face the challenges of wet or snowy working condition wherever you are.

No work boot is perfect for you unless it has some special features and durability. To help you get the right one Tacticalsview is going to enlist and review some of the top trending waterproof work boots for you.

Before you go any further, why don’t you take a look at the table underneath?

We have selected the models of waterproof duty boots that will meet everyone’s demand. Have you ever noticed that when it comes to choosing boots and shoes, we all get very choosy? With that in mind, these models above on the table were chosen.

To know more about the boots that we have chosen why don’t you take a look at the following waterproof work boots reviews.

Arctiv8 Men's Nortiv8

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These boots are the new entry on the market and the most noteworthy thing about them is their looks. The first thing that you will notice is that it’s got a human touch to it. Also, after close inspections of few models, we have come to a conclusion that it’s made of optimal quality.

Now, we know that it’s not a famous name in the market but if you are looking for boots to work with inside a factory or in a construction site this could be your armor of choice. Remember these are not like wellingtons that can tolerate deep waters but when it comes to muddy areas, oily or greasy floors, heated floors or snow they are just unbeatable.

The Nortiv8 has a one-inch heel with its qualities of being a cold weather boot with 200 grams of thermolite insulation which is enough to keep the feet warm. More than that it’s got cushioned EVA footbed for extra comfort.

The boots are not only waterproof with them you also get safety from slipping and falling down. Although we didn’t have the time to confirm its longevity we think that it will be fine for a year without an issue.

Another great thing about the Nortiv8 is that it’s made of manmade materials and they come in many different styles. For those who are looking to work in style, it’s a highly recommended boots. If you are not satisfied with the insole then you can get a decent one sparing a few extra bucks.

The Good:
  • Comfortable enough to keep your feet warm even on sub-zero temperature
  • Unique eye-catching design
  • Durable unlike the cheap boots
The Bad:
  • Your feet may perspire

The Original Muck Boot Chore – Perfect Work boot For a Rainy Day

The Original Muck Boot Chore – Perfect Work boot For a Rainy Day

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Muck Boots are already really popular on the market and they have been known for their utility on a rainy day. The model above won’t be able to handle rain but when it comes to rain and waterproof boots, wellingtons should be your choice.

If you have to frequently work on outdoors, on muddy areas filled with poodles or in the snow then you must get a ‘Chore’. It’s not that much good looking, entirely made of synthetic materials has a rubber outsole and a huge company embalm on the sides but this is the boots that will get your jobs done easily.

For those who love to do a lot of farming or gardening this 12-inch shafted boots is ideal. Their outer soles are designed to give you maximum grip on muddy soil so that you don’t fall down and hurt yourself.

Yes, these boots are old fashioned but they are never out of style due to their practicality. If you want warm feet on a wet day what you have to do is prevent water from entering the boots through the neck and you will be fine. Although, the first few trials can be a bit tricky. It takes a little time to adjust to your feet and after that short break-in period, you will be comfortably set in the shoes.

Like all other boots, well almost like all other boots there are complaints against its insole. They are a little bit flimsy and may tend to come up while putting off the boots. Also, there’s another downside. The boots’ are a little heavy. For those who like heavy boots it’s really great but for those who aren’t accustomed to heavy work, boots may face some issues. Lastly, we think these classic muck boots are mainly designed for men.

The Good:
  • Best boots for rain
  • Ideal for farming and gardening or drainage works
  • Lasts long, really long
The Bad:
  • If you have an in-between feet size then these boots aren’t actually for you

Georgia Men’s Wellington – Best for the Leather Lovers

Georgia Men’s Wellington – Best for the Leather Lovers

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This one is for the leather lovers. If you want to let everyone know your presence in the workplace then this should be your first choice. It’s a classic 10” long leather shoe that has a rubber outer sole and a brass chain.

Leather has always been a great material for making shoes. These boots are a little bit on the pricier side but with those extra bucks, you will be getting a pair of work boots that will be very much durable for any kind of situation.

In reality, we couldn’t find anyone complaining about this pair of Wellington. Rather everyone found it to be comfortable. Pull-on boots are generally a little bit tricky to put on and put off but that brass zipper will make things easy for you. You should take care of that zipper as your boots are gonna face water, mud and what not. Regularly cleaning the zipper and oiling it from time to time should be enough.

This Georgia Wellington is really a good looking boot that even comes with an adjustable leather strap. On top of that, these boots have a good quality innersole. You don’t have to worry about the sole coming out or displacing inside the boots. If you don’t have any problem in sparing a few extra bucks and want something that will announce your strong presence then you just can’t buy anything else but this boots.

The Good:
  • Comfortable and good looking
  • Made of great quality
  • Tough and durable boots
The Bad:
  • Needs personal care
  • Shouldn’t be exposed to water for too long

Rockrooster Bakken – Best waterproof work boots with a steel toe for longer shifts

Rockrooster Bakken

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If you work for long hours then this should be your pick. Due to an especially dedicated technology, this boots absorbs feet’s perspiration. This technology called coolmax takes your perspiration through the breathable lining and inner layers and keeps everything dry inside. So, this boots is not only waterproof from the outside. This in our eyes is a complete waterproof work boot.

All the models above are excellent in waterproofing your shoes from the outside but along with that, they will cause your feet to perspire. That’s why working for long shifts wearing one of them can sometimes be really difficult. That’s why this rockrooster can be an excellent choice for summer or warmer environment.

The Bakken also comes with a steel toe and slip resistant outer sole. Both can be considered as a great feature of a work boot. Also, we have found a good quality cushioning or padding inside the boots. The poron footbed is removable and performs really well while delivering you maximum comfort.

Just, the first few trails can be a bit tricky as the boots may feel a little bit tight. But don’t worry too much. It’s going to be easy after a couple of uses.

The Good:
  • Comes with a steel toe
  • Comfortable for long shifts
  • Waterproof from both inside and outside
The Bad:
  • Slightly harder
  • Has a longer break in period than its rivals

Litfun - Top Waterproof Work boots for woman

Litfun - Top Waterproof Work boots for woman

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Now, here’s a product that’s more suited for the women. The Litfun is a classic wellington for the ladies that has a little bit of design in its body and comes with all the benefits of a wellington. The first thing that we should note about the model is that these are just not ordinary rain boots.

They have been designed to keep water outside and that’s why they don’t have any sort of lining in them from where the water can get inside. Also, it’s not actually fashioned footwear but it will nicely blend on the streets on a rainy day.

With blue jeans and a little bit of rain, you ladies can go to anywhere putting them on. The outer sole tends to prevent you from slipping and falling down and as the model has high necks, it is ideal for gardening or farming.

On top of everything, the Litfun boots are extremely cheap. There are models even existing on this list of top waterproof work boots may cost you ten times the more. That’s why this one is a must-have for the ladies.

The Good:
  • Extremely cheap
  • Good level of waterproofing
  • Ideal for a rainy day and gardening
The Bad:
  • Due to the cheap price the quality may have been compromised
  • Size issues

Here you go, these were the top models that our experts have sorted out for you. If you have anything more to know about the waterproof work boots or if you have any questions regarding any of the models, please let us know in the comment section below.

The next section will help you in buying the perfect work boot for you.

Waterproof Work Boots Buying Guide

Before getting your work boots for rainy days, there are some things that you should know about. The following tips below will help you in understanding.

See if the boots are actually waterproof

Nothing in this world is actually waterproof. There is a limitation to every waterproof boot. If it has linings, water will eventually find its way inside your boots making your feet wet. That’s why you should check if there are linings.

Although, modern waterproof lining perform slightly better in keeping water away from the boots after being exposed to water for a longer period, they lose their waterproofing potentials. Also, the material of the boots is important. If it’s made of breathable inner padding, there will be a possibility of water leakage.

The pure leather is a good and natural waterproof material but it shouldn’t be exposed to water for too long otherwise they will rot.

 Know your type of waterproof work boot

You will be finding two types of waterproof work boots on the market. The first one is regular modern work boots and there are the ones with longer neck called wellingtons. They both have different applications actually.

The regular work boots are ideal for indoor works. They have other good features of boots for working like a steel toe, outer soles with great grip, shock and electricity proof. Some of them may keep your feet warm and some are designed to take the perspirations away from your feet. These features are really convenient for a factory or construction worker. So, if you work on a construction site or in a factory you should only get a work boot with the waterproof feature if your legs have the possibility of meeting water. Otherwise, you are just good to go with a regular one.

On the other hand, there are the wellingtons. They have a higher neck and they are more suited for a rainy day and outdoor works. These type of boots are more ideal for the muddy situation. They are mainly built with rubber-like materials or leather. The leather ones are a bit on the pricier side where the ones made of rubber are really cheap and they are going to last for a very long time too.

So, if you are not looking for any serious kinds of work on a rainy day and want to keep your feet dry and warm, you should just get a decent rubber wellington.

What extra features to look for in your waterproof work boot?

Pair of boots that are waterproof isn’t only enough for comfortable long shift works. It should have some other qualities in it.

A Steel Toe can protect your fingers from stoning falls on it. The steel toe is an also a mandatory safety feature on some industries or construction firms. You should have them in your boots for complete safety.

The best Insoles for workboots can only ensure the comfort of your feet. If you have happy feet while doing all your hard works, you will be able to do them more efficiently. The boots that come with the third party insoles are always better. Those inner soles are way more comfortable and they can greatly absorb the pressure that you put through your legs. There are some models that can absorb your perspiration to keep your feet dry.

Your boots must have Slip Resistant Outer Sole, otherwise, they won’t be able to protect you from slipping down on oil or water. Having a good grip on your legs has its benefits if you are carrying heavy things, climbing up a ladder or doing other tricky things. Make sure that your boots have them.

The Inner Padding can be an ideal solution if you are to work in the snow. They are used for keeping the heat inside and boots that come with the inner padding are the ideal ones for working on winter days. We should also note here that, these boots are not that much ideal for summer days or warm environment.

So, next time you are going to buy a work boot for yourself, you should consider these features. If you have to add anything or just want to ask anything use the comment section below and one of our experts will get back to you.

There you have it. We have reviewed the best waterproof work boots for you and also given you some tips while getting one.

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