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Best Tactical Shoes 2018 – The Ultimate Guide & Review

When in distress, you will only go as far as your feet take you. This adage categorically resonates well with hiking diehards, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure aficionados and of course, military personnel. If you lie under any one of these categories, tactical shoes (also known as military boots) are likely your thing and for good reason. […]

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10 Best Tactical Backpack 2018 – The Ultimate Guide & Review

Mother Nature is always full of surprises and with this in mind; the importance of being fully armed with the best tactical gear when facing the unpredictable outdoors can never be emphasized enough. Regardless of whether you plan on going for a day-long fishing trip, hiking weekend or hunting escapade, you’ll need all the accessories […]

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Best Tactical Boots 2018 – The Ultimate Guide & Review

Tactical boots are also commonly referred to as military boots and not because you have to join the army to own a pair, but for a number of valid reasons. Generally, these shoes are designed to get you out of any sticky situation – literally speaking – meaning your safest bet lays in a quality […]

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