Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack Review

Is the Lite Force Tactical Backpack ideal for you? Before you buy, read our review.

The Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack is highly sought after by shooters, but is it really good enough for heavy duty use? After conducting a thorough review, I have to concur with the opinion of most. Don’t let the name Lite Force fool you as it’s a durable backpack.

Smith and Wesson Lite Force Tactical Pack Review

Storage and Capacity

Just looking at the Lite Force tells you how good the storage capacity is. The main compartment is large enough for a 15” inch laptop. There are also several pockets around the backpack. For shooters that alone should give you an idea of how many guns, magazines and ammo you can store here. You can also fill the compartment with gym gear (shoes, socks, clothes, etc.). You can also use the pockets for miscellaneous items and devices.


The Lite Force lives up to its name. The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can position it just the way you want. The straps also have padding, so it won’t stress you out even if you’ve got a laptop in there.

The water bottle pocket is also within easy reach. The combination of the straps and the general placement of the pockets just add to the convenience. Compared to other backpacks of similar size, the Lite Force is comfier.


The MOLLE loops on the Lite Force are impressive, to say the least. The backpack has tons of room as it is, but there are times when you just need more. With the MOLLE loops, you can buy additional pouches and boost its functionality.

You could, for instance, add more pouches to separate the ammo, magazines, paper targets, etc. Those same pouches could come be useful for mobile devices, chargers, batteries and other gadgets you may carry.


The Lite Force uses 1200D Endure fabric, which is exactly the type of material you’ll want for your guns. Conceal and carry compatible; the Lite Force was tested thoroughly to ensure quality, and it shows.

The stitching for the pockets and the main compartment is seamless, as are the pockets. The glass pocket zipper is of good quality as are the rest of the zippers on the bag. The MOLLE loops also work like they’re supposed to and keep pouches steady.


  • There are lots of MOLLE loops for extra attachments
  • Lots of pockets available
  • The stitching is high grade and should last a long time
  • The shoulder straps have good padding and distribute weight nicely
  • The compartments and pockets make organizing content easy
  • The water bottle is conveniently positioned


  • It would have been nice if the backpack had pen holders. This isn’t a major issue, but it could have made things more convenient.
  • The water bottle holder doesn’t hold as tight as it should. Again, this isn’t really a major concern, but some reviewers have complained about it.


  • Made from 1200D Endure fabric for heavy duty use
  • The backpack has full conceal and carry compatibility
  • The carry handle and shoulder straps are adjustable
  • The backpack is compatible with a hydration pouch
  • 1000 cubic inch total volume capacity with multiple pockets
  • Heavy-duty, high-quality zippers
  • MOLLE loops are large and spread throughout
  • Pockets and compartments designed for shooters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the backpack left or right shoulder carry?

A: The strap is for the left shoulder. You cannot change the position. But it does have a crossover strap which provides additional balance.

Q: Is the backpack really durable?

A: A few customers have voiced concern over its longevity. However, this backpack is built for the long term. The construction, lining and materials are all top of the line. The fact that the backpack is good enough for law enforcers and tactical operatives speaks of its quality.

Q: Is my laptop going to be safe in this backpack?

A: Yes. There is sufficient space in the main compartment so it’s not an overly tight fit.

Final Verdict

The Lite Force is a high-quality backpack and it exceeded my expectations. Construction tells me it’s good for the long term, and it’s all-purpose too. Yes, it is for shooters, but it’s also great for everyday carry. Whether you’re a shooter or not, this backpack is a good buy.

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